What to do upon arrival

Upon arrival at the centre, each day you must:

  • Place you child’s bag in a locker.

  • Fill in the daily sign in/out sheet located in each room.

  • Place sunscreen on your child (there is sunscreen provided in each room, and staff will ensure sunscreen is reapplied before going outside in the afternoon).

  • Ensure your child has a clean nappy on.

  • Inform staff of any changes eg routines, pick up time, who is picking up your child in the afternoon.

    If someone is picking up your child that the staff are unfamiliar with, the person will be required to show photo identification before the staff can release your child.

  • Check your communication pocket for receipts/letters (communication pockets are located in each room).

  • Spend 5-10 minutes with your child as they settle into an activity, and remember to say goodbye when you leave.