emu updates

We enjoyed a fun and interesting from the reptile man Kim on Tuesday. This was a great follow on from last week when our friend Jacob brought in a big carpet snake’s skin. The children loved viewing a range of different reptiles and insects, and laughed at the funny reptile man as he told us different stories about the creatures he had brought. Some of the creatures we saw were a turtle, a cockroach, snakes, lizards and a frog. We all enjoyed feeling the different animal’s skins. Our student teachers were called up and Miss Tayla had a snake put on her head, and Miss Abby had to kiss a giant cockroach. Our Emu friends enjoyed extending on this visit indoors as they created wonderful paintings of the creatures they had seen, used language to identify different reptiles, we discussed how to be safe if we see different reptiles in the wild, and created lovely collages of snakes and turtles using materials that represent the skin of the different animals.

Pets: During Teddy Bear Picnic week, our Emu friends were placing their toys in the old rabbit hutch and calling them their pets and the rocks were their food. From the children’s interest we created a pet project area with vets on the table, toy animals, animal stories and animal food. We have had a lot of fun with interesting activities and the children have enjoyed doing animal yoga, making dog treats, guess the animal, games, singing new songs, animal masks and dog origami. We incorporated mathematical thinking by creating a picture graph of the children’s pets. The Emus counted and identified which animal had the most and which animal had the least. Miss Tayla’s friend came in with her dog Bonnie on Friday 6th September and performed special tricks. Bonnie performs in competitions and showed the Emus sit, shake, hi-5, hi-10, jump, speak, weaving through legs, find the treat, knock the building over and jumping over our friend’s arms.

Reminder: As many of our friends are very interested in soccer and football recently we are having a Footy fun-day this Tuesday, October 10. Please bring your child dressed in their footy clothes. We will provide dress ups for the day also. We will be further exploring a range of football players and their playing positions. We will enjoy a fun football game at the field together, and have been learning a football song together that we have been singing with team spirit. We would love for our families to contribute, if you anyone would like to come and speak to the children about football or coach our game of football this would be great! Thank you!

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend. Love from Miss Jess and Miss Wendy xoxo.