gumnuts updates

This week in the Gumnut's room we had a visit from Kim the reptile man. There was Herman the frog showing off his climbing skills and even gave Miss Mel a kiss on the cheek, Jet the super fast turtle, Alvin the Diamond python, Waldo the big daddy cockroach and also Charlie the blue tongue lizard. The Gumnut's have been busy learning about 'Rainbows' as one of our class projects. From drawing our own rainbows too creating a collage with all the colours of the rainbow.

The Gumnut's have been very involved with taking part in looking after our veggie garden and worm farm, from feeding the worms to watering the garden recycling the worm juice into our garden and also planting some garlic bulbs and discussing the growing process of our garden. For news this week we have had Van tell the class about his visit to the 'Playschool' show and his new book he got.

Ollie and Harper also told us about their long weekend adventures while camping. To extend on Ollie and Harper's interest Miss Mel set up a tent in the Gumnut yard allowing the boys to talk about their trip and role play. As the weather warms up the water trough has been a big hit for the Gumnuts to explore which is filled with all different types of sea creatures.